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Frets On Fire Game

frets on fire

Frets On Fire Game

Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. The aim of the game is to play guitar with the keyboard as accurately as possible.

Here we are with a clone. But it is an awesome clone! Frets on Fire is a great Ubuntu game that resembles Guitar Hero. What you will have to do is to tap, obviously with the right timing, 5 different keys of your keyboard. Take your keyboard, hold it as if it was a guitar, and start rocking! If you think this is just another boring clone of Guitar Hero you are definitely mistaken. The simulation is excellent holding the keyboard just like in a guitar way. You can keep playing for hours, becoming the geekiest guitarist of history, enjoying tons of free soundtracks which are shipped with the game and learn how to play without missing a single note.

Playing Frets on Fire, and I must tell you that using the keyboard as a gaming device is something nerd and brilliant, exactly the type of things I’m always looking for. We know, the gameplay is not exactly original, but hey, that’s the world of Free Software developers and indeed, since the guy behind Freets on Fire showed so much talent, tip him, seriously. A few bucks from each player would go a long, long way.

The menu of the game is self explanatory. Chose your song, pick your level of play, etc and start rocking. For the most fun, download song packs and songs from various websites. Try these…

Freets on Fire is distributed under the terms of Gnu General Public License, so that you can download the source code, modify it and redistribute it.

You can install Frets on Fire from the Software Center, typing Frets on Fire and clicking on Install. Then reach the website of the developer and leave some bucks, he deserves some encouragement to keep developing such great games.

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