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How to Install Sun Java on Ubuntu the Easy Way


How to Install Sun Java on Ubuntu the Easy Way

If you have a specific need for Sun Java 6 (such as the all important games), there are a number of ways to install Sun Java, but the easiest way I’ve found is by using Roberto Ferramosca’s PPA. Roberto has been an incredible contributor to Ubuntu for a few years now. Follow these simple instructions to get Sun Java 6 running on your Ubuntu computer (this will work for Ubuntu 10.04 or newer):

  • Open the Ubuntu Software Center
  • Click Edit > Software Sources
  • Click on the “Other Software” tab
  • Click the “Add” button
  • Now copy & paste this: ppa:ferramroberto/java
  • Click “Add Source”
  • Click “Close”
  • Click “Reload” if it asks
  • Open Synaptic Package Manager
  • Search for Sun-Java and install these packages:


Its about 100mb to download and once the install finishes, thats it!

You can test to see if Java is working fine by going here:

Or try a Pogo game:

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