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I Heart Ubuntu

Leaving Windows Behind


Leaving Windows Behind

That’s right, I am making the switch from Windows to Linux; specifically Ubuntu 6.10. Why the change? There are a number of reasons:

  1. Microsoft is evil. I don’t have anything against any particular aspect of the company or a specific application, they are just too big to be good for anything or anyone.
  2. Open Source is innovative. OS is where everything “cool” is happening.
  3. I want to get “unlazy” again. Using Linux can strain the brain at times (yeah I know I am using Ubuntu) and that’s good.
  4. I want to try Django (Python application framework) and it’s just a bitch to set up on a Windows box.
  5. I like the initials LAMP better than WAMP

Stay tuned for a journal of my trials, tribulations, and successes! Welcome aboard.

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